Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Lanjut SMA Kelas XI Kurikulum Merdeka Halaman 85

Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Lanjut SMA Kelas XI Kurikulum Merdeka Halaman 85 – Halo sobat gurune, salah satu cara efektif untuk meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris adalah melalui kegiatan mengerjakan soal mengisi kata-kata kosong dalam cerita. Metode ini tidak hanya membantu memperluas kosakata, tetapi juga meningkatkan pemahaman tata bahasa dan konteks kalimat.

Kali ini kita akan membahas soal mengisi kata-kata kosong dalam cerita. Pembahasan soal ini terdapat pada buku Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Lanjut untuk SMA Kelas XI Kurikulum Merdeka. Berikut adalah pembahasan soal selengkapnya !

Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Lanjut SMA Kelas XI Kurikulum Merdeka Halaman 85 – Activity 3

Activity 3

You will listen to a story entitled “Animal Farm.” Fill in the blank using words from the story.

The Listening transcript is provided in the Teacher’s Book.

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Animal Farm

by George Orwell

One night, the oldest pig on Manor farm, named the Old Major, called all the animals in the farm for a meeting. He described his dream about the world where all animals would live free from the ____ (1) of the human masters. The Old Major died soon after the meeting, but inspired by his philosophy of animalism, two younger pigs, Snowball and Napoleon assumed command.

Napoleon and Snowball led the animals in Manor farm to rebel and drive Mr. Jones

from the farm. Then, the animals changed Manor farm’s name to Animal farm. The

seven rules of ____ (2) were written on the wall of the barn. Snowball acted as the leader, attempting to read and write. Then, the pigs soon elevated themselves to the position of leadership. Meanwhile, Napoleon managed to take the pups from the farm dogs and trained them privately.

One day, Mr Jones came with his friends, trying to retake the farm. However, the animals defeated him and could defend the farm. As the smartest animals, Napoleon and Snowball struggled for ____ (3). When Snowball announced the idea for constructing a windmill, Napoleon opposed it. Napoleon had his dogs chase Snowball away. Later, in Snowball’s absence, Napoleon declared himself leader and made many changes. He eliminated all meetings and instead a committee of pigs ran the farm.

A pig named Squealer was assigned by Napoleon as accomplice. He announced that Snowball stole Napoleon’s idea of making a ____ (4). All animals except the pigs had to work harder to make the windmill and were promised to have easier lives with the windmill. In fact, the animals received less and less food, while the pigs grew fatter.

Unfortunately, months after making the windmill, a violent storm hit. Napoleon convinced the animals that Snowball destroyed it. He started to make Snowball a ____ (5). When he purged the farm by killing animals, he also accused Snowball of being the culprit. Napoleon has surely abused his powers, he made life even harder for animals. The pigs imposed more control over the farm while they reserved ____ (6) for themselves. The rules of animalism in the farm began to change and evolved. The pigs started to adopt the lifestyle of humans while the other animals, though cold, starving, and overworked, remained convinced through psychological conditioning that they were still better off than they were ruled by Mr. Jones.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Frederick, one of the neighboring farmers, swindled Napoleon and attacked the farm, using ____ (7) powder to blow up the restored windmill. Although the animals could win the battle, they did so at great cost, including Boxer, the horse, who was wounded. While being ill, Boxer continued working harder and harder, until he collapsed while working on the windmill. Napoleon directly sent for a van to take Boxer to the vet, explaining that a better car could be given there. Boxer died, amongst ____ (8) from the pigs that it was a cover-up from Squealer.

Years passed and the pigs learned to walk upright, carried whips, and wore clothes just like humans. The seven rules of animalism were reduced to a single phrase: All animals are ____ (9) but some animals are more equal than others. One night, Napoleon held a dinner party for the pigs and the humans of the area, who congratulated Napoleon on having the hardest-working animals in the country on the least feed. Then, Napoleon announced an ____ (10) with humans and reverted the name of the farm to ‘Manor Farm.’ The other animals overheard those conversations. They noticed that the faces of the pigs had begun changing. The animals realized that the faces of pigs looked like the faces of humans and no one could tell the difference between them.

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 Jawaban :

1. tyranny

2. animalism

3. leadership

4. a windmill

5. scapegoat

6. privilege

7. equal

8. speculation

9. blasting

10. alliance


Demikianlah informasi yang dapat disajikan. Mengerjakan soal mengisi kata-kata kosong dalam cerita merupakan metode yang menarik dan efektif untuk meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris. Dengan melibatkan diri dalam kegiatan ini, kita dapat memperkaya kosakata, memahami konteks kalimat, dan melatih tata bahasa dengan lebih baik. Semoga dengan pembahasan soal di atas dapat mempermudah sobat dalam belajar.

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Disclaimer :

1. Jawaban dan pembahasan pada postingan ini mungkin akan berbeda dengan jawaban sumber lain.

2. Jadikan postingan ini sebagai salah satu bahan referensi dalam menjawab soal bukan sebagai acuan utama dan satu-satunya.

3. Postingan ini tidak mutlak kebenarannya.

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